Stepper Motor Controllers

Triple Stepper Motor Controller

  • Compact 4U 19” rack panel mount triple motor driver

  • Drives 2/4 phase bipolar stepper motors

  • Thirty-two power output ranges between .02 A and 3.5 A.

  • 16 different microstepping settings

  • 6 isolated digital input and 6 digital output lines.

  • Support for incremental optical encoders, + Limit, -Limit and Home switches.

  • Connection to host computer via ethernet or serial port.

  • Serial BAUD Rate 19200  kbps


The Instrumentation Associates Triple Motor Controller is a compact microstepping motor controller/driver for 2/4 phase bipolar stepper motors. It can be used with or without incremental optical encoders and is equipped with 6 digital input lines and 6 programmable output lines that can be used for actuators (such as air-pad air-supply valves) or indicators (limit switch or run LEDs). The three motor controllers are implemented through a Galil microprocessor controller and independently addressed in software. Each motor is powered by its own independent driver amplifier.

Each of the controllers is equipped with 3 connectors on the back panel: Motor Power, Encoder and Limits-I/O. These can be configured as required for the particular application. In addition, the controller has a power entry module, an  RJ-45 ethernet connector and a DB9-F connector for serial connections to the host computer.

Tables of connector pin functions for are listed below. The stepper motor controllers are based on the Galil Motion Control DMC-2133 microcontroller which has a rich vocabulary of software commands for system configuration and operation. The software programming manual for the controller can be found here. 

 Motor Power  Amphenol 9 Pin
 Pin 1  Phase A
Pin 3  Phase -A
Pin 7  Phase B
Pin 9  Phase -B

 Encoder  DB9F
 Pin 1
 Pin 2  VCC
 Pin 3  I
 Pin 4  -I
 Pin 5  A
 Pin 6  -A
 Pin 7  
 Pin 8  B
 Pin 9  Gnd
 Limit/IO  DB9M
 Pin 1  +5 V
 Pin 2  Home
 Pin 3  + Lim
 Pin 4  - Lim
 Pin 5  Out 1
 Pin 6  Out 2
 Pin 7  In 1
 Pin 8  In 2
 Pin 9  Gnd

The Triple Stepper Motor Controller is built to order and can be configured for your application.