Sample Holders

Thin wall vanadium sample holders




  • 0.005” (0.127 mm) thick vanadium wall.

  • Welded/high temperature epoxy construction

  • Sample holder diameters 3.16 mm and 6.35 mm.

  • Stainless steel base 24 mm dia.

  • Screw-top closure for easy cleaning

  • Not vacuum tight but suitable for low temperature or high temperature (T < 800 C) measurements.


These small diameter specimen holders provide optimal matching for diffraction instruments utilizing a double focusing bent perfect single crystal monochromator and linear PSD detector. They are fabricated by forming 0.005” (0.13 mm) thick vanadium foil around a cylindrical mandrel, bending and welding the two ends to form a cylinder. The vanadium cylinder is then fastened to the 304 stainless steel base with high temperature epoxy. These specimen holders are NOT vacuum tight but are suitable for low temperature and high temperature (T < 800 C) applications.

The specimen holders are closed at the top with a screw which can be removed to facilitate cleaning and are supplied with a set of “filling tools” to make it easier to load specimen powders.

Custom configurations can be supplied.