Preamplifier power supply and Position Encoding Electronics signal source.


  • Provides clean preamplifier power (+/- 6 V) through 2 DB-9 connectors on the rear panel.
  • Contains a single preamplifier that can be used to test position decoding electronics.
  • 1-wide NIM module.


The Instrumentation Associates PWR module was designed to provide clean power for arrays of linear position sensitive proportional counters. It is a 1-wide NIM module with 1 front-panel input and 2 front panel

The PWR module is equipped with 3 front panel and 2 rear panel BNC connectors along with 2 rear panel DB-9 connectors and 2 rear-panel BNC outputs. The front-panel input accepts nuclear-type tail pulses from a pulse generator. The front- and rear-panel outputs are connected to the internal preamplifier output and can be used to test position sensing decoding electronics.


Pulser input: negative going tail pulses.

Preamplifier outputs: Positive going pulses 0 < Vout < 3V .

Power output: +/- 6 V